Waltonchain is committed to building a reliable and traceable business ecosystem that realizes data sharing and information transparency. With the powerful software and hardware, using the existing IC and blockchain technologies, it has been successfully applied in clothing, logistics, insurance, healthcare and food industries. Walton Chain Foundation is also actively recruiting quality blockchain enterprises around the world for incubation.

To further promote the Waltonchain business ecosystem construction, we sincerely invite all supporters to participate in the creation of child chains and search for the next outstanding child chain. Walton Chain Foundation sets up the Waltonchain Outstanding Contributor Reward Scheme for supporters around the world. The program will reward references who have made an outstanding contribution to the Waltonchain ecosystem and accelerated the Waltonchain global ecosystem layout.


How to become an outstanding contributor:

An outstanding contributor looks for superior enterprises with the intention to become a child chain, understands enterprise needs, provides enterprises with a basic understanding of the application of Waltonchain’s blockchain solutions and, finally, assists in agreement signing.

In search for an outstanding child chain, contributors assist Waltonchain to complete the following procedure:

(1) provide a copy of the enterprise business license;

(2) provide industry background information about the enterprise;

(3) provide communication, guidance and training on Waltonchain blockchain solutions to the enterprise;

(4) facilitate the initial cooperation intention between the enterprise and Waltonchain;

(5) invite the relevant responsible person to Waltonchain HQ in Shenzhen for discussion of cooperation details, system development, contract value, etc., according to the intention of the enterprise;

(6) upon contract signing, Waltonchain will provide the enterprise with customized blockchain development services.

Waltonchain Outstanding Contributor Reward Scheme


The program includes two stages:

1.After contract signing with the enterprise recommended by the contributor, Waltonchain will reward the contributor with a commission of 3% of the total value of each contract;

The contributor’s commission is paid in three parts:

(1) After the contract is signed and the enterprise made an advance payment, Waltonchain will pay 20% of the total contributor’s commission. 

(2) According to the actual development progress assessment, when the project is half completed, and Waltonchain receives the relevant payment, Waltonchain will pay 20% of the total contributor’s commission.

(3) Within five days after the full payment, Waltonchain will pay the rest of the contributor’s commission.


2. If the contributor continues to actively assist both parties in solving various problems in project development after the contract signing, promotes the project development, helps product managers coordinate the project, and helps Waltonchain receive the final payment, Waltonchain will reward the contributor with an extra commission of 2% of the total value of each contract as a bonus upon verification.


Note: The contributor itself shall be responsible for transportation, accommodation, entertainment, etc. costs. Shall the contract terminate due to the enterprise, Waltonchain will suspend payment of the remaining commission. If you are interested, please contact us at childchain@waltonchain.org.



Requirements for information provided by outstanding contributors:

1. Evaluation of the enterprise economic strength:

  • Ø Company background;
  • Ø Information on local business registration;
  • Ø Types of products sold;
  • Ø Annual / monthly product sales volume;
  • Ø Annual net income;
  • Ø Core operations and the number of employees;
  • Ø Does the enterprise have high value-added products?

2. Contact person and contact information;

3. Type of data to record on blockchain;

4. Demand for data, including traceability, tamper protection, etc.;

5. Is our supporting software management system needed?


With the help of supporters and outstanding contributors around the world, Waltonchain will accelerate its application globalization, achieve mutual benefit and promote the growth of the Waltonchain business ecosystem. The Waltonchain technology drives the industry transformation and leads the future!



Walton Chain Foundation

November 20, 2018


To create business ecosystem integrating blockchain with loT.

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