In order to let more users enjoy Master Node mining rewards, Waltonchain team will once again perform a snapshot of all ERC20 WTC wallet addresses. Users holding 5,000 or more WTC are eligible to apply for the Master Node status on the Mainnet.

Account type

Average blocks/day

Reward Program



2 WTCT for successful mining of each block.


2+1 WTCT for successful mining of each block.


2+1 WTCT for successful mining of each block before token swap and 1 additional WTCT per each mined block upon token swap, total: 2+1+1.

Mainnet account types and rewards

If an MN user wants to enjoy the above reward before the token swap, it needs to apply for Waltonchain Mainnet Master Node.

Procedure to apply for Waltonchain Mainnet Master Node:

1. At 23:59:59 UTC+8 on November 27, 2018, we will take a snapshot of all ERC20 WTC addresses. Those with the sufficient WTC amount (i.e. ≥5,000) at this moment will be eligible to proceed and obtain the Mainnet Master Node status;

2. An MN user should create a WTCT address on the Mainnet to receive 5,000 WTCT from the Waltonchain team;

3. An MN user should send 0 ETH to the address 0xffD2b0157c5aC1c8d6E6eDb5972B874900C5f3B0 of the Waltonchain team on the Ethereum network and provide the WTCT address in the Data field to finish the application;


4. After the review, Waltonchain team will send 5000 WTCT to the submitted WTCT addresses within 5 work days;

5. When the Mainnet evaluation results meet the security requirements, WTCwallet apps will be updated and the genesis block will be reset. Then miners will receive WTC in 1:1 ratio according to the number of mined WTCT. GMN accounts will also receive one more WTC as an extra reward for each mined block.

Walton Chain Foundation

November 26, 2018


To create business ecosystem integrating blockchain with loT.

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