On May 21, 2018, Waltonchain was invited to participate in 2018 FINWISE SUMMIT · Tokyo held at the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa, Tokyo, Japan. Waltonchain COO Mr. Chen Zhangrong (Monitor Chan) attended the summit on behalf of Waltonchain and delivered a keynote speech titled “The IoT Revolution in the Blockchain Era” at 2 PM local time.

Nowadays, various industries around the world are experiencing the “Blockchain Rush”. Practically in all countries in the world blockchain has already been introduced into the national strategy level. Both governments and the private sector are investing heavily in the blockchain development and welcome the greatest technological revolution in the history of human science and technology. FINWISE SUMMIT · Tokyo brought together more than 100 fintech enterprises, 30 blockchain companies and a large number of industry leaders and guests from the traditional financial industry. They discussed the worldwide application and development of the blockchain technology during the 2-day summit.
 Waltonchain COO Mr. Chen Zhangrong attended the FINWISE SUMMIT · Tokyo on behalf of Waltonchain and delivered a keynote speech titled “The IoT Revolution in the Blockchain Era”. Mr. Chen said: “Waltonchain has application solutions that can be quickly implemented in many fields such as apparel industry, logistics, food traceability, agriculture, financial audit, internet of vehicles, asset management, etc. At the same time, as a public ecochain of trusted data, Waltonchain will provide trust for the future world. Our value is gradually being recognized around the world. Waltonchain has already successfully implemented its solution in some industries. This is an excellent opportunity for traditional industries to ‘overtake on a corner’ by adapting the blockchain + IoT solutions by Waltonchain. The chips developed by the Waltonchain team will bind Waltoncoin and create a smart ecosystem for IoT applications based on the Waltonchain, leading us to a trusted digital life, and create a new era of the Value Internet of Things.”
Waltonchain has been committed to the organic integration of the blockchain technology and the Internet of Things. It creatively utilizes the independently developed chip technology to automatically upload offline physical product information to the blockchain, building a trusted and healthy business ecosystem with “low threshold + high frequency”.
The invitation to attend FINWISE SUMMIT · Tokyo shows that Waltonchain is getting more and more attention from the blockchain and finance industries. We will continue moving forward to write a new chapter for global business models and human life.

Waltonchain COO Mr. Chen Zhangrong explaining the current application status of the blockchain technology

The FINWISE SUMMIT · Tokyo venue

About Finwise Summit:
Finwise Summit is one of the most influential blockchain events in the world, bringing together top talents, industry executives and outstanding enterprises. Finwise Summit aims to strengthen the communication among blockchain-related practitioners and promote the development of the global financial technology. Its core team consists of experienced experts with diverse background including banking, blockchain, consulting, finance and internet companies.
Finwise Summit has been held in Shanghai and Macau since 2017, attracted 10,000 participants on-site and millions of people online. It is reported by nearly 100 domestic and overseas media. FINWISE SUMMIT · Tokyo is the third stop of Finwise Global Blockchain Summit. It brings together top projects, outstanding companies, government officials, investment institutions, scholars and various media in the blockchain industry, aiming to strengthen industry communication and promote the rapid development of the global financial technology. In addition to presentation of blockchain projects, the summit also provided an in-depth discussion of the Japanese government's development support plan for the blockchain industry, exchange compliance and the direction of cryptocurrency supervision.

To create business ecosystem integrating blockchain with loT.

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